Regeneration project

The aim of the project is the implementation of a complex fulfilling European standards as regards the adaptation of historic objects to new functions. The project is located in a historic palace and park establishment.

The mission of the entire project is aimed at saving one of the most beautiful examples of a palace and park establishment from the turn of the centuries in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The only two historic buildings which have survived to this day are the historic manor house and the old stable. Both, however, have been completely devastated. The preserved park establishment constitutes a significant element of the historic complex.

The implementation of the hotel function provides for the full revaluation of the existing historic palace, dating from 1910, in accordance with its original design characteristics and its restoration to its former glory. Taking into account the target standard of the ***** Hotel function, implemented in a historic object, the investment will significantly increase the competitiveness of Pomerania on the demanding tourist market in the countries of the old European Union, with the use of the historic building, which is firmly inscribed in the historical context of the region.

According to the Voivodship Conservator of Monuments, the entire palace establishment in Ciekocinko is one of the most important historic palace and park establishments in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. At the same time, the complex may well serve as a business center in the future, offering services, such as: training, conferences, symposia.

In connection with the existing stud farm, it will constitute an independent sports complex, ready to function as a closed training camp for the athletes of the Olympic equestrian discipline of show jumping, the organization of international competitions during the open, as well as indoor season, and selective breeding of sport horses.

The adaptation and regeneration project is carried out under the strict supervision of the Voivodship conservator of monuments and provides for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the region. At the same time, the investment has a great impact on the local community in Ciekocinko and the entire district of Choczewo by creating new job opportunities in the post-PGR village.

The completed investment, through the future reception of guests from Poland and abroad, especially in the context of our accession to the European Union, is to provide vivid evidence of the effort made by the Polish people to preserve the cultural heritage of Pomerania, where old Prussian and Polish influences competed for years

In this case, the regeneration of the palace and park complex with a farm house in Ciekocinko is understood as the process of spatial, economic and social transformation carried out throughout the entire area covered by the program. The reconstruction of the palace and park complex in Ciekocinko will help to increase employment opportunities for the local community, improve the state of infrastructure, affect the natural environment. The process will also increase the awareness of local inhabitants, which will also, indirectly, contribute to the protection of the cultural heritage.