Road layout

Two roads leading to the establishment, one from the village of Ciekocino from the west and the other from the village of Kurowo from the east, form a passage route on the grounds of the former SHR Ciekocino and become the main asphalt village road.  Three entry ways leading to the establishment veer from this road. Two of them lead to the western part of the establishment directly to the building of the manor, but also to the farm complex through the manor courtyard. The direct access road leading to the farm complex, situated in the eastern part of the establishment, is then paved and becomes the road leading to the field, limiting the pasture from the west. The road leading from the manor courtyard connects with the field road, surrounding the remnants of the orchard from the west. There is also an entry to the farm complex on the grounds of the former Lonisenhof farm. Walking paths have been preserved in the park.